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Find sportmates. Organize sport events. Complete your team.

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Join the amateur sports teams, that are missing players.
Autocomplete your team and never cancel your match any more.
Join the open public activities such as yoga, dance, meditation and others.
Are you trainer or teacher ? Get new clients and manage RSVP with Psyball.
Our Mission: We created Psyball to encourage and facilitate healthy off-line activities.

What is Psyball

Psyball is a Social Web Application that helps people self-organize for sports and wellness. It helps get together for team sports, yoga or any group activity. Psyball is the best tool for event organizers, personal trainers or yoga teachers, as it can automatically complete your group when it needs more people.

Join event or match today
Are you having a spontaneous desire to play Soccer but you've got no team, looking for a Tennis partner or seeking Yoga classes near your office? Just register your Intent, and Psyball will find for you the best open event.
Complete your team
Is your weekly match with friends missing a few players for today? Don't cancel it! Just announce an Event on Psyball to auto-complete your team.
Discover local sport-mates
You can view Intents of other people around you on the map or the feed. Filter it by sport type and search by any keyword. You can easily get in touch with them and organize your own Event.
Organize sport events
Psyball has a fabulous set of sport event management features, such as attendance tracking, reminders, social network promotion of events, and more. Excellent tool for event organizers and self-employed trainers!
How it works?

How it works

You are missing a team
You are
looking for
a team
Just register your Intent for preferred sport, availability time and location. Psyball will find an event for you whenever it is announced and send you an invite to confirm. You can also just select an event manually from the feed or the map.
You are missing a team
You are missing players for your team
Psyball can collect people for your event. Just create your Event, invite your team, and specify the minimum number of players for the event. Psyball will complete the team automatically.
You are missing a team
You can find a suitable venue on Psyball.com and register your Event there. If you still missing some people from your team, Psyball can find people to complete it.
I want to do yoga Every Thursdayfrom 7:00 to 9:30 near Smichov
I am teaching yoga every Thursday from 8:00 for 1h
I want to play basketball tomorrow from 18-00 at Prague 10
I miss 2 players for my Basket match tomorrow
Basketball Match
Yoga Event

Contact Psyball

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Unique Features
and Technology

Psyball is much more than the usual sport event management or attendance tracking system.

Concept of intentions collection. It is the only application that stores the intentions of users and acts as the user's agent to find the best event to attend anywhere, anytime. You can specify a variety of criteria for your intent, such as several sport types, your availability, field cover, venue parking, and so on, to ensure you attend the event that suits you the best.
Discover what's happening in your location. You can view on the map open Events that are inviting people to join and users' Intents. You can filter it by sport type, time, venue facilities, field cover and search by any keyword.
Unique matching algorithm. Psyball uses a unique matching algorithm for inviting most relevant people to Events. We calculate relevance score for Every combination of Events and Intents, taking into account time suitability and distance. It is always looking for the most optimal distribution of people per Events, thereby minimising "No shows" and "Cancellation of Event" due to the lack of players.

Psyball Mission
and Philosophy

Psyball is the reinvention of the way how people can self-organize for sports and wellness with friends same as total strangers.

We created Psyball to encourage people for healthy off-line activities. We offer simple way to de-stress, stay healthy and pursue real values.

Also Psyball helps people to find new friends, try new, healthy activities and discover how other people have fun nearby.